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Beer Backpack

With this form of backpack marketing, amazing successes can often be achieved without major financial outlay. However, the actions are sometimes very close to the edge of legality and sometimes have undesirable consequences. If one considers a few fundamental aspects with the beer marketing, however, terrific possibilities result here, particularly for smaller enterprises in Chikago
  • Beer Backpack is the specialist in the Distribution mobile sale of drinks.
  • He walks in the crowd and supplies beer in his backpack during sports events, promotional operations, or cultural events.
A small selection of beer event equipment for your event. From the classic beer to go to a historical backpack, to mobile beer dispensing systems, beer table sets, beer umbrellas or refrigerated trucks, we have many offers for you. One of our employees will drive the beer cart or beer carriage to your event and pick it up again. In addition, there is a short and professional briefing on the technology and handling. So nothing stands in the way of a successful event.
Brand-appropriate activation with emotional appearance For the beer brands we developed a creative and emotional concept, not only to create one, but also to reach one. Promotions were realized in various shopping centers in the USA: equity samplings, which immersed consumers in the unique world of the advertised products with emotional booth appearances. The consumer touchpoints were characterized by further branding and visual elements, guaranteeing a strong brand presencein New York!
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Mass samplings for many contacts & trials In order to reach as many people as possible and generate trials, USP used mass samplings for the non-alcoholic brands at the largest and busiest train stations in England. In the case of the non-alcoholic beer products, the focus was not only on creating brand awareness, but above all on the experience of good taste. In each case, special attention was paid to the elaborate planning of the refrigeration logistics, whether equity or mass sampling, so that each sample was delivered to the target group at exactly the temperature that promised the greatest drinking pleasure. This is where USP was able to bring its extensive experience in planning and executing sampling activities and activities with the requirement of an unbroken cold chain.
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  • The backpack can be customized to match the colors of your activity, brand, or product, providing a mobile space for your advertising. 
Free samples used purposefully in marketing? In sales promotion, it is important to convince the customer all around of the product. In Take Away order to achieve this, it is advisable to give potential buyers personal first impressions of the goods on offer. For this reason, sampling promotion still proves to be an essential element in the modern marketing mix.
  • Beer dispensing backpack for freshly tapped beer.
  • After our first service, we can say that Rocketpacks has achieved an almost 30% increase in beverage and food sales during many events we have worked on.
  • The term sampling comes from English and can best be translated as "selection". Beer sampling promotion, i.e. the distribution of free samples, is a marketing strategy used in many variants in the business world to promote sales. Free product samples allow customers to test a product in depth without having to buy it first. Positively reinforced by the free application, the item has a good chance of being perceived favorably and arousing the testers' desire for more. If you resort to this marketing measure in your retail store, then you should conspicuously point out the promotional gifts. Customer stopper backpack format, and other promotional signs form an efficient way to draw attention to free samples.

    Each team member has an insulated backpack containing an 11L allowing him to move around while offering the public a cold or hot drink, carbonated or not.

    Sampling promotions - direct dialog at the point of sale? If you want to reach your target group with as little wastage as possible, you should focus on creative sampling concepts. The success of the beer promotion campaign is positively supported by specially trained personnel and attractive advertising using effective signage.
    • The Beer Backpack is a mobile system designed only for the distribution of cold or hot beer. 
    • Equipped with stainless steel tanks, you can dispense beer any time.
    Why is the backpack used? The overall goals of beer marketing are to increase brand awareness and build image. Financial resources are often low, which is why the strategy is suitable for large, small and medium-sized companies. The special way of implementation appeals to consumers emotionally and thus leverages the positive effect.
    • The Beer Backpack a mobile system developed for the distribution of soft drinks.
    • It combines lightness and a high-quality design.
    Backpack Marketing Definition: Warfare and Marketing! As mentioned at the beginning, the association with guerrilla warfare is obvious. This is not so wrong, because the term is derived from the military language. There, guerrilla warfare is considered a type of warfare that relies largely on an element of surprise. According to Creative Bier Marketing, the basics are: But how does this translate to our daily work? Marketing is also based mainly on a surprise effect. It's about attracting the attention of beer consumers through atypical beverage campaigns on objects and in places where they don't expect it. The examples below show how something like this can look.
    • The Rocketpacks have been specially designed for standard cans and bottles.
    • Fill the insulated compartments with refrigerated cans or bottles, and you will be ready for sale. 
    Marketers particularly appreciate the generally low financial outlay involved in beer marketing as a marketing strategy. The greatest effort of such a campaign is of an intellectual and creative nature. The implementation of the marketing ideas, on the other hand, can be quite simple under certain circumstances. So you could say that backpack marketing turns the familiar environment of potential customers into an advertising space. So it's worth analyzing this environment and finding out what you can work with!

    Backpack Beer Dispensing for street vending

    • It has two individually adjustable compartments allow access to two different products simultaneously thanks to the lateral openings.
    • Its thermal insulation is perfect for keeping drinks at all temperatures.
    • Also, it offers a large advertising surface.

    Mobile Beer Backpack

    • Tanks are integrated into two sealed enclosures, which guarantee excellent insulation and minimum temperature loss.
    • Its adjustable straps are designed for maximum comfort and fit everyone.
    • Its advertising surface of 60 x 60 cm is ideal for drawing attention to your products.

    Rocketpacks Beer backpack offers a range of "turnkey" services adapted to your structure's needs and can mobilize as many team members as necessary.

    Ideal for hot or cold carbonated and noncarbonated beverage, Rocketpacks is the only mobile beer dispenser that can serve two different kinds of beer simultaneously.

    This beer dispensing campaign, unlike advertising posters, cannot be ignored so easily. Let's face it: if you almost trip over a bathtub of large popsicles on your way to work, you'll stop and take a closer look. Or do you? What we learn from this: think about what solutions your product or service offers. Which one is most important? Find an unconventional way to illustrate it to your target audience. Preferably without words.

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    •  Indeed, your advertisement will be visible on all three sides of the bag.
    •  The Rocketpacks beer dispensing equipment also offers choice support for your communication or that of your advertisers.
    • The Beer bag, specially designed for plastic bottles and cans, the Soft Bag (cans and bottles) guarantees a quick and easy implementation.
    • In Germany is called Bier Rucksack
    • With the clever carrying system you can save yourself a lot of effort and time.