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Beer Backpack

  • Beer Backpack is the specialist in the Distribution mobile sale of drinks.
  • He walks the crowd, his drink supply in his backpack during sports events, promotional operations, or cultural events…
  • An original distribution System
  • A unique communication tool
  • An increase in beverage Sales
  • A service to the public + relieving congestion in other points of sale.
  • Hand Sanitizing Backpack

    • Do you want to promote a product?
    • Or do you just want some information!
    • Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer you.
  • Do you have an event project? 
  • Backpack can be redesigned to match the colours of your activity, brand or product, providing a mobile space for your advertising.
  • Each team member has an insulated backpack containing an 11L allowing him to move around while offering the public a cold or hot drink, carbonated or not.

    • The Beer Backpack is a mobile system designed only for the distribution of cold or hot beer. 
    • Equiped with stainless steel tanks, you can dispense beer any time.
    1. The Beer Backpack a mobile system developed for the distribution of soft drinks.
    2. It combines lightness and high quality design.
    • The Rocketpacks has been specially designed for standard cans and bottles.
    • Fill the insulated compartments with refrigerated cans or bottles and you will be ready for sale.

    Backpack Beer Dispensing for street vending

    • Its 2 individually adjustable compartments allow access to 2 different products at the same time thanks to the lateral openings.
    • Its thermal insulation is perfect to keep drinks at temperatures. In addition, it offers a large advertising surface.

    Mobile Beer Backpack

    • Tanks are integrated in two sealed enclosures, which guarantees excellent insulation and minimum temperature loss.
    • Its adjustable straps are designed for maximum comfort and fit everyone.
    • Its advertising surface of 60x60cm is ideal to draw attention to your products…

    Rocketpacks Beer backpack offers a range of "turnkey" services adapted to the needs of your structure and can mobilize as many team members as necessary.

    Ideal for hot or cold non or carbonated drinks, Rocketpacks is the only mobile drink dispenser that can serve 2 different beer at the same time.

    For any information, call Rocketpacks!

  • Indeed, your communication will be visible on all 3 sides of the bag.
  • A communication support in operation!
  • The Rocketpacks equipment also offers a choice support for your communication or that of your advertisers.