Around 40 participants from all over the USA will be pouring their beer specialties here. In addition to local and well-known beers, visitors can also sample completely unknown and exotic beer varieties. On a leisurely journey from USA to Spain to Singapore, every beer lover will thus find the right porter beer hawker.
  • Structure and Function of the beer keg dispenser backpack!
  • The keg is a cylindrical stainless-steel drum.
  • Modern kegs are often rubber-coated to protect the container from damage.  
The keg connection: How to find the right tap head! The keg was introduced in Great Britain as early as 1964 and has since become the standard for draft beer in the catering industry in many countries. In the meantime, the keg connection can also be found more and more frequently in the private sector in connection with high-quality tapping systems. Common sizes for keg backpack kegs are 30 and 50 liters.

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How does a beer keg backpack work? The keg is a cylindrical barrel made of stainless steel, on the top of which a valve is mounted centrally, the so-called keg head. The appropriate keg head is attached to this valve, which supplies carbon dioxide as a propellant gas and guides the contents of the keg to the dispensing system via the beer line. The propellant gas creates an overpressure in the keg so that the contents are forced out through a tube inside the keg when the tap is opened.
  • The propellant gas creates overpressure in the keg and the contents are pushed out through a pipe inside the keg when the tap is opened. 
  • The overpressure inside the keg is maintained and the foaming of the contents is reduced.
Keg connection: What systems are there? It's not easy to keep track of all the different connection systems. The flat keg coupler is probably the most common keg coupler in the UK. The combination keg coupler looks very similar to the flat keg coupler, but it is a separate system. Both keg tap heads are pushed onto the side of the valve on the keg. The basket keg tap head is connected to the backpack with a rotary motion.
  • Connection systems:
  • The four connection systems mainly used by German brewers have been identified by different types (letters) to better distinguish them.

A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

Upon request, we can also supply you with keg dispensers for foreign breweries, such as the popular Guinness keg dispenser. We carry the Rocketpacks brand barell keg dispensers. Further you will find in this category also stainless steel beer taps as well as keg wall holders. Here you will find an alphabetical overview of the breweries with the respective keg tap head used!

Mobile beer dispenser system developed for the distribution of beer, soft and carbonated Drinks  

How do you prefer to drink beer? From a can, from a bottle, or freshly tapped from a glass? Or do you think there's no difference at all? Maybe you're a strong advocate of one option? We took a closer look at the three options and tried to find the differences.

Fill the insulated compartments with refrigerated cans or bottles and you will be ready for sale.  

Beer keg dispensing Backpack Video

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  • The tightness is then checked.
  • In order to cool the beer backpack keg from the steam treatment and prevent foaming of the contents during filling, it is pressurized with carbon dioxide and finally filled.
    • Cleaning and filling.
    • The valve system allows the beverage manufacturer to carry out the filling fully automatically.
    • After external cleaning, the keg is rinsed several times and then sterilized with hot steam to kill any germs harmful to beer.
    Canned beer has a dubious reputation. It has a cheap image and is associated more with boozing than with enjoyment. However, this is not at all due to the taste of the beer, but rather to the low vendor prices that professional breweries charge for canned beer. They can afford to do this because canning is usually only worthwhile in large backpack quantities, which lowers unit prices. In addition, the can itself has a professional reputation, because the cans are considered an environmental sin and are subject to a deposit.
    1. This tapping head is placed on top of the fitting and then turned at an angle of 60° for fixing.
    2. The keg is then tapped by pressing down on the lever.
    3. With the basket tapping head (type S), the center ram is longer than in the draft tapping head (type D) and can be recognized by the lateral V cut-outs.
    4. Although the two systems are mounted in the same way, they are not compatible with each other and cannot be exchanged crosswise.
    But for the beer, the can is a blessing. They retain aromas for a particularly long time and especially hop notes are more prominent. This is due to the Jetkeg material. The can is impermeable to light. The less light, the better the beer retains its flavor.
    • The desired data can now be affixed to it using stickers.
    • Advantage:
    • You can fill the beer backpack barrels again and again with other kinds of beer.

    These two tapping heads also look very similar, but in contrast to the ones mentioned above, they are "screwed" onto the barrel.

    If the backpack dispensing tapping head is removed, the valve closes the keg airtight, allowing further storage of the contents and preventing the residues from drying out.

    The proprietary Rocketpacks backpack connection variant is used exclusively for disposable kegs from Lightweight tanks.

    tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
    1. Some breweries mark their barrels with colored bands around the barrel so that you can see what is in them. 
    2. For example, Carlsberg has marked blue-black and Bit burger green.
    3.  But the most common way to mark a keg barrel is the so-called fitting lid. 
    4. This lid is made of flexible or hard plastic and is pressed onto the fitting.