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Pricelist Beer Backpacks

  1. The center of gravity of the backpack is usually lower than the waist.
  2. As a result, I noticed that the load was concentrated on the shoulder.
  3.  Also, some people said that the server was not attached to the body, and when it moved, the tank shook and hit the body, causing pain.
  4. To reduce these strains, we developed a functional rocket pack that uses our knowledge of sports equipment development and health management.
  5. It was introduced as a "comfort backpack".
  6. These "Rocketpacks backpack" will be used for draught beer in every stadium and other places from the end of March when professional football opens.
Once in India, the IPA was to be mixed with water or even honey for consumption. However, the "pure" enjoyment of the IPA's gained in popularity over time. What was once just another sub-variety of the English Ales, is today an independent Rocketpacks backpack beer variety with also other sub-varieties such as the Imperial IPA, the Belgian IPA or the American IPA.
  1. Backpack for beer, rocket packs with thermal insulation for hot or cold drinks!
  2. (carbonated or still) Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, iced tea, wine, liqueurs, shooters, juices, and more.
  3. Finish: Black background without advertising inlay
  4. Advertising supplement is provided separately Army
  5. Stainless steel tank, type 305, sanitary version 
  6. Capacity: Total 11.5 liters. (Up to 60 cups)
  7. Weight: 15.7 kg.
  8. Dimensions: diameter 35 cm. Height 60 cm.
  9. Dimensions for advertising inserts: width 75 cm. Height 43 cm.
  10. Cup dispenser for dispensing cups.
  11. Adjustable heavy-duty belts.
  12. Thermal hose.
  13. Product Origin: Germany
And even today, the IPA is gaining more and more importance. It has become a kind of sign of the evolution of the backpack beer scene and differentiation from one-size-fits-all beers. Today, the IPA is also often "hop-stopped" to deliver the floral aromas of the hops to the beer and to appear even more hoppy.

The Rocketpacks have mainly a capacity of 11 l and weigh about 17 kg when filled with liquid.

  • Especially since many women are responsible for providing draught beer on baseball fields, there have been many calls for a reduction of the load.
  • With traditional Rocketpacks, sales staff should move and sell in an excessively inclined position.
Beer as a promotional item: create a relaxed atmosphere for conversations? We all know it: on balmy summer evenings, a cool beer in the beer garden is simply a must. People also like to drink it at (folk) festivals such as the Oktoberfest, worldwide soccer events, and other communal activities. Not because people feel most comfortable when they are tipsy, but because the consumption of beer, non-alcoholic varieties included, contributes significantly to lightening the mood. It tastes delicious, looks delicious, is refreshing and simply a good reason to toast with your counterpart.
  1. Features of the Rocketpacks beer backpack for the new backpack server!
  2. Newly developed hip belt with specifications that allow the drink backpack to be in close contact with the body
  3. Development of a structure consisting of a frame that follows the shape of the server bag.
  4. A spacer that keeps the center of gravity of the server above the waist.
  5. Develop a design that improves the degree of close contact with the body so that the server does not wobble on its back when moving.
Can this private beer joy also be carried into the business environment? In fact, beer glasses or even bottle openers are ideally suited as promotional gifts to make a brand better known and enhance its image. The range of possibilities that beer brings forth as a promotional item is limitless. Promotional product manufacturers offer custom logo engraving, which makes a beer glass very classy and an advertising medium with a very long life.
  1. Compared to the current product, the Rocketpacks backpack with the above three features can reduce the load on the shoulder area by up to about 20%. In response to the sensory evaluation, where the user is asked about the load on the shoulders, we found that the load can be reduced more than the current one.
  2. By applying the beer dispenser development technology for outdoor backpacks, various modifications have also been made to the shoulder strap and the hip belt to reduce the user's exposure and make them easier to use.
  • Development of a new Rocketpacks backpack for a beer keg, which solves the problem of carrying and serving beverages and other such goods.
  • We have developed a backpack (without draught beer container) of the new ergonomically designed draught beer backpack.

Contamination: Beer dispenser?

  • It is divided into two parts: a bag (hereafter "server bag").
  • This time we have developed a new "server bag".
  • A "user-friendly server" is a device used to provide draught beer on the move, mainly in places like baseball field stands and banquet halls.
  • A draught beer container (hereinafter referred to as " Rocketpacks ") and a container are carried on the back.