Ready-to-use backpack beer vendor systems for beer dispensing
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The scope of delivery includes the beer hoses, the CO2 hoses, the pre-pressure hose, the attachable drip tray and the taps. CO2 bottle and KEG's, you can choose and order separately in our accessories. We use as Rocketpacks the environmentally friendly is. The liquid gas is not harmful to the ozone and has a low GWP value.
  1. To consolidate and maintain an excellent standard of quality, with special attention to technological innovation and a critical eye on the future, to anticipate times and always be at the forefront of the rocketpacks backpack beer dispenser market.
  2. Particular attention is paid to the environment, continuously looking for solutions to make our products more and more environmentally friendly and to guarantee our customers that the backpacks we produce are 100% recyclable containers, barrels, and tanks.
How to tap a beer correctly? It is important that the tap is opened completely when tapping from the backpack. Hold the beer glass at an angle under the tap so that there is little foaming at the beginning. After the glass is tapped 2/3 full, you can hold the glass straight under the tap to create the head of foam.
  • In terms of the ability to react promptly to the requirements of individual market segments: beer, wine, soft drinks, and coffee.
  • Rocketpacks can process orders with very short delivery times, as finished products in standard formats are always in stock.
What should you pay attention to? When tapping, the tap should at no time come into contact with the glass, the beer being tapped, or the head of foam. By dipping the tap into the beer, air is forced into the beer during tapping, which displaces the carbon dioxide in the beer. In addition, acetic acid bacteria can quickly settle in the beer foam residues on the tap. For reasons of the backpack hygiene, the tap should therefore be avoided coming into contact with the beer on tap in the glass.
  1. We work with custom designs from small quantities (OEM) to large scale productions.
  2. We design beer dispenser backapcks, organize and develop. We also take care of transportation and implantation. 
  3. Contacting us guarantees a personal and complete service.
  4. We are involved in each of our projects from start to finish to meet the goals and expectations of our customers.

Coolest way of beer tapping ... event character!

  • Flagship products are the dry cooler or beer cooler, compact and handy devices that are easy to transport and allow the user to draw the cold beverage without using water (wet cooler)
  • For over 25 years has been one of the world's leading companies for the production of beer backpacks beverage containers such as kegs, kegs, tanks, containers, etc. made of 100% recyclable stainless steel.
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