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Beer Dispensing Backpack

Brilliant idea, but the party kegs have the big disadvantage of tasting like at the latest one day after tapping. CO2 doesn't help either. The only working idea in this area is the Perfect Draft from Philips (unfortunately with modest beer selection). The design with a stainless steel mesh beer bag in a barrel allows for optimal beer storage. And you don't always drink away 6 liters in a day, do you? I will therefore probably ne Perfect Draft!
  • No matter how you'd prefer to pour your draft beer, we're going to have the beer dispenser equipment to do it properly.
  • We offer a spread of draft towers, beer taps, backpack beer dispensing.
Since I have become more deeply involved with the subject of beer, I have already attended numerous beer tastings. The topics and the process were always different. From beginner courses to private dispenser seminars, everyone has contributed something in the form of beer presentations and discussions to the tasting.

The beer dispensing backpack project was launched in 1996 after a need was identified in the hospitality industry for the distribution and management of drinks at major events!

A few of these tastings have stuck in my mind. The beer tastings were so good that you hoped it would never end. That's how informative, varied and of course tasty these Retribution Seminars were. Whether they were about craft beer backpack from around the world or a foray into the many good regional breweries. All the tastings were, of course, well organized and planned down to the last detail. After I had built up a certain amount of knowledge about beer, I started to organize beer-dispenser tastings myself. Rather on a small scale for acquaintances, friends and their acquaintances and friends.

From our first service, we have been present with our products on tours, concerts, and festivals of the highest order, as well as in the country's major sports facilities.

Maybe now you're thinking, "Me an expert?" Yes! You too can be a beer backpack expert. When we hear expert, we too often think of people with years of training, study and professors or doctors. But beer tastings aren't about you explaining the chemical reactions in the brewing process to your guests based on molecular chains. Although that would certainly be very interesting. It's more about conveying your attitude and passion for the topic of "special beers". Your goal should be to whet your guests' appetite for good, high-quality backpack beers and to make them think outside the box.
  • Apply for a license to serve beer with a backpack from your state alcohol regulatory authority and, if applicable, from your local council.
  • Rocketpacks developed a mobile beer backpack sales system consisting of backpacks, ventral trays, which are fast and in reach to the customer at any time of the event.
You can't imagine how often a tasting didn't go as I had planned. Either it was due to the premises that threw a spanner in the works, or the beers I actually wanted to report on were not available at the time. With that said, there are really only two points to keep in mind when you're doing your own beer-dispensing tastings. If you keep these points in mind, small errors won't be so dramatic. In addition, I'll tell you 10 terms from the beer world, with which I have so far amazed all the tasting participants in California.
  • You will also need a business license, a sales tax permit, and possibly a vehicle permit, depending on the setup of your mobile delivery line. 
  • Our main goal is the quality of our work, the close cooperation with all our customers and suppliers enables us to offer a service that guarantees optimal results.
One thing has helped me in every event so far, even when it didn't quite go according to plan: the red thread. A common thread, i.e. a clear and sequential flow of your program, is the be-all and end-all. You can orientate yourself on it and it will guide you confidently through the event. But not only do you have a "leash" along which you can shimmy, but also your guests recognize it. A common thread - which, mind you, is well thought out—helps your guests to better understand and internalize the topic of portable beer to go, and what you are talking about.
  • Also, most locations require temporary special event permits for each event.
  • We subject the offered services to strict control by the technical management and demand from our employees, team leaders, superiors, and responsible persons the fulfillment of the work planning to guarantee better performance.

Beer Dispensing Backpack

  • In addition, knowing how to best present the beers you serve is an important beer backpack bartender function.
  • For example, some beers taste the best when they are very cold.
  • All this is due to brilliant event management by the management team with more than 25 years of experience in the industry and a great team that enables Rocketpack's Beer Dispensing Backpack to remain the leader in its field today.
On the one hand, there is of course, the principle that beers should be built up and drunk at a tasting according to increasing alcohol content. However, there are also beers and beer varieties about which wonderful stories can be told. For example, in the beer type India Pale Ale, it's about sailors, the colonies and soldiers who refused to dilute a beer with water. Surely you know what I mean. If not, I'll tell you the story later in the article.
  • The tanks are from high-quality, stainless steel with a capacity of 11.4 liters.
  • All of them include hose and dispenser.

The beer backpack is a mobile draft beer dispenser measuring 22 inches x 12 inches height and width.

It is therefore advisable to structure the course of the backpack beer tasting in such a way that not all the beers with the great stories are presented at the beginning or end. But that you have a good mix with beers where you can tell more or sometimes less.
  • It is a very versatile and innovative project that you can serve from freshwater to coffee to hot chocolate.
  • In Spain is called Mochila con dispensador de cerveza móvil
  • From extra than beer backpack products continually available in inventory you will find the proper accent for your draft beer gadget.

Draft beer dispensing backpack device having draft beer at home just is probably one of the most pleasing emotions there are!

Work planning is and remains one of our best weapons, enabling us to offer a high level of quality assurance.

Outline the geographical area that your mobile delivery bar will cover, your target market, and the specific beer services you offer.