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  • Why it feels light when it gets heavier?
  • The beer backpack by Rocketpacks is designed while considering the easy of the person carrying it to serve drinks. Thus it makes it easier to carry and serve drinks even if it is heavier.
There are a number of suitable Rocketpacks vessels for both beer marketing and beer enjoyment. Just finding a suitable glass or mug for the beer can take some time. After all, each Rocketpack variety unfolds differently according to ingredients. And surely you know the many terms for beer vessels!
  • We do our best to provide the necessary tools to create, distribute, manage and track your Vendor Tray Bellytray campaigns.
  • We always try to use a customer-centric approach to better develop our Getränkerucksack and meet the needs of each customer.
There are the beer sales vendors belly of course thick barrels. There are also all the vessels into which the beer is filled and processed during the brewing process. These include, for example, fermentation buckets, mash tuns, lauter kettles and brewing kettles. The vessels are therefore all indispensable tools for making beer.
  • To get in the way of other customers, you have to put one knee on the floor and pour the beer when you receive the order.
  • The standard beer, mate or soda box weighs about 16 kg when full.
  • Carrying this Bauchladen with bare hands from the supermarket to your home, maybe even to the 5th floor, costs nerves, sweat and above all strength in the long run.
    • How about some beer?
    • During a professional soccer game at a stadium, there were probably a lot of people who bought draught beer from a "vendor" called the cast. 
    backpack drink dispenser foe event and marketing
    1. If you looked at them closely, they were all bathed in sweat.
    2. That should be it because of the load.
    3. The beer server on the back weighs about 20 kg.
    4. With a constant smile, they were screaming up and down the stairs.
    coffee backpack
    • It is easy to imagine for those who, while commuting, run straight out of the stairs at the Coffee Backpack station.
    • The work is extremely hard. In fact, since the beginning of this work, some marks hurt shoulders, waist, knees, etc.
    beverage backpack
    • At Rocketpacks, we cannot overlook such a work environment. We have to cater for the issues and make things easier for those who carry backpacks and serve items from them.
    • This is how Rocketpacks decided to develop a new beverage backpack.  
    • Under the supervision of the Institute, new things were born based on ergonomics.
    • On the back to offer the audience a glass of draught beer.
    drink backpack
    • Rocketpacks is a perfect beverage marketing solution developed by a leading award-winning company.
    • Rocketpacks focused on the execution of beverage backpack advertising.
    • Our company was founded in 1996 and has already developed beverage backpack products that are being used in more than 71 countries worldwide by industries of various sizes as well as individuals.
    • Our project is considered one of the leading and most advanced marketing solutions in the field of beverage promotion.

    Rocketpacks Beer Backpack

    • Simply strap the crate onto your back with the Beer Backpack and walk home relaxed.
    • But the Beer dispenser backpack is not only used for shopping! 
    • In summer we all like to drink a beer with our friends in the park or at the lake. And why not just bring a crate for the whole group?
  • On the back you can also transport it well on the bike a little further distances or simply take it with you on the train.
  • In the park you have then not only supplied your friends with drinks, but you can also easily convert the Beer Backpack into a stool with padded backrest.