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When tapping, do not hold the beer glass at an angle under the tap for too long. For a nice head, hold the glass straight under the tap towards the end. Also check whether there are any detergent residues in the glass. These destroy the foam formation in the beer glass. Check the operating temperature of your backpack dispenser. It could be too low. The optimum operating temperature is between 3° and 5° C. The delivery pressure of the dispensing system could also be set too low. The rule here is that at low temperatures the dispensing pressure should be lower, and at higher temperatures it should be increased.
Pre-tap large quantities of beer: Of course you can pre-tap beer. However, no more than 3 minutes should elapse from the time you pre-tap the beer until it is dispensed, otherwise the beer will become stale. A tapped beer dispenser in Miami should always be from Rocketpacks and fresh. With our modern dispensing equipment, you can tap beer quickly so that pre-tapping is not necessary. Pour two half-full glasses together: When poured together, the beer continues to lose carbonation and becomes warm and stale more quickly. Fill glasses with drip beer: Drip beer drips from the tap and is stale. Drip beer and beer residue belong in the sink. Tap into warm glasses: In a warm glass, the beer loses carbon dioxide very quickly and becomes stale. Therefore, cool warm glasses with cold water before tapping. Tapping into poorly cleaned glasses: Grease residues or detergent residues remain in poorly rinsed glasses. Both destroy the beer foam. Apart from the fact that this is unhygienic, the residues in the glass also prevent the beer from forming a beautiful crown.

The beer backpacks from Rocketpacks

  • Are undoubtedly the most economical and ecological packaging for beverages such as beer, wine, soft drinks, or coffee and stands for a combination of strength, reliability, durability, and safety.
  • The objectives of classifying, implementing, and maintaining a customer base that includes the largest and most important multinational producers of beer, soft drinks, and, last but not least, coffee, have helped Rocketpacks to achieve and maintain a primary role in certain sectors.
"Night guard" pour: the beer, which has been on tap at night or longer, is warm and stale. Therefore, before the actual tapping, the first beer tapped should be poured away. Offer the "first shot" after the keg change: You should pour away the first beer bottle backpack after the keg change. It may still contain residue from the disinfectant you used to clean the system beforehand. Immerse the tap in the beer: Beer foam residue sticks to the tap, in which vinegar bacteria multiply over time. In addition, air is forced into the beer when the tap is immersed, thus displacing carbon dioxide. This causes the beer to become stale more quickly.

How to adjust a beer dispenser?

If the way to tap beer is not quite clear to you yet, you can refer to this guide which describes how to connect the beer dispenser backpack to a beer keg before you can do your own beer dispenser test!

  1. Buying a beer dispenser backpack and 5-liter keg?
  2. Connect the dispensing unit (with tap) and the line to each other.
  3. Vent the cork or stopper on the top of the beer keg by twisting it open and then remove it with pliers (usually supplied).
  4. Press the adapter into the resulting opening.
  5. Insert the line with dosing unit into the adapter.
  6. Place the keg in the unit itself.
  7. Connect valve to the pump to be able to pump the beer.
  8. Turn on the cooling and adjust the pressure of the pump with the regulator.
  9. Draw the beer and enjoy!
  10. Which tap is suitable for home use?
  11. A mini beer dispenser tower is the most suitable for home use. 
  12. Such dispensers are very well suited for five to six liter kegs. 
  13. In addition, these beer dispensers have compact dimensions.

How much does a beer dispenser cost?

  • You can get a cheap beer dispenser for as little as 80 to 130 euros. 
  • Such rather simple models are also offered by electronic stores and even discounters. 
  • In the medium price range, beer dispensers cost between 200 and 500 euros. 
  • Particularly powerful and large beer dispensers are available from around 700 euros.
  •  How to set the pressure correctly on the beer dispenser?
  • At the beginning, make sure that you select a lower pressure. 
  • Otherwise, the risk is too great that the first beers will completely foam over. 
  • Also, take into account the table or counter height. 
  • The same applies to the length of the hose. If the counter and hose are around one meter long or high, the pressure should be between 1.1 and 1.2 bar.

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The trend to produce ecologically sustainable packaging can be supported by intelligent solutions to make long-distance exports cheaper and, above all, to avoid plastic waste for the benefit of our environment and the quality of your beer.