The unusual design of the Beer Backpack Mobile vendor guarantees that you will stand out at any point of sale. You can reinforce this effect by powder-coating the sales stand in a RAL color of your choice and adding a creative design. Rocketpacks will be happy to support you and also create images with which you can exploit the eye-catching potential of the Hintere display. The company, which specializes in mobile sales modules, is also a competent advisor when it comes to equipment. Thus, the hawker backpack with plenty of freedom of movement, sufficient surface and enough storage space for e.g. the integration of a tap system brings the best conditions for the mobile sale of freshly tapped Pils.
  • Beer Backpack is the specialist in the Distribution mobile sale of drinks.
  • He walks in the crowd and supplies beer in his backpack during sports events, promotional operations, or cultural events.
  • An original distribution system for drinks/beer.
  • A unique advertisement tool.    An increase in beverage Sales
  • Convenient service to the public and relieving congestion in other points of sale.
Beer as a promotional item? Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage among Americans. On average, around 100 liters of beer are consumed per capita in the USA each year. In a European comparison, therefore, the most beer is consumed in Belgium. A cold beer hawking is a great refreshing drink, with which you can make most people happy. Beer as a promotional item is a popular giveaway for trade shows and events. In addition, the promotional drink is versatile as an employee or customer gift. For your next summer party or a company celebration, the beer with your own logo is an absolute eye-catcher.
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The special thing about personalized beer is that you have countless options for designing the promotional item. First of all, there are different types of beer backpacks, with most even having an alcohol-free alternative. If you want to print beer with your own logo, you have the option of designing the entire label with a print on white foil. This way, your advertising message will definitely be the center of attention. Furthermore, you can decide whether you want to order and give away the item as a highlight presentation, individual cans or in a six-pack. To make beer a serious employee or customer gift, matching glasses or bottle openers are a popular addition alongside the personalized beer.
  • Do you have an event project? 
  • The backpack can be customized to match the colors of your activity, brand, or product, providing a mobile space for your advertising. 
Increasing awareness and sales of mulled wine. Passers-by in pedestrian zones and shopping streets. Giving away free samples of mulled wine. Distributing flyers and brochures with information about the product and the company. The campaign should take place in the pre-Christmas period, when demand for mulled wine is at its highest. The number of mulled wine samples, flyers and brochures distributed and the number of customers acquired can be used as indicators of success. On the campaign day, a mulled wine stand is set up in a well-frequented pedestrian zone or shopping street. The stand operators distribute free Rocketpacks mulled wine samples and flyers and brochures with information about the product and the company. In addition, raffles and promotions are held to Glühwein is a popular drink in the pre-Christmas season. The promotion is a cost-effective way to increase awareness of the product. The promotion can help to attract new customers. A street promotion for backpack mulled wine is an effective way to increase awareness of the product and attract new customers. The promotion should take place in the run-up to Christmas, when the demand for mulled wine is at its highest.

Stopping people with free mulled wine, coffee and children's punch and handing out promotional material

High-quality beers and organic products are an appreciative sign and have a positive effect on your brand image. Through a corporate identity optimized advertising print on your beer backpack, you convey that you are a modern and renowned company. For the recipient, consumption is a moment of pleasure and you become a part of it. Convince with a creative idea and secure a positive brand image. Together with you we will develop the best beer for your occasion. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail for professional advice.
  • Beer dispensing backpack for freshly tapped beer.
  • After our first service, we can say that Rocketpacks has achieved an almost 30% increase in beverage and food sales during many events we have worked on.
  • Our Mobile Beer Catering is perfect for weddings, corporate gatherings, festivals, private parties, and any occasion that calls for a premium beer experience on the go. Our expert team ensures seamless setup and operation, taking care of every detail, so you can focus on enjoying the festivities.

    Donating water in the heat on the street and distribute flyers of products

    With an extensive selection of craft beers, international favorites, and local brews, our Mobile Beer Catering service caters to all beer preferences, pleasing even the most discerning palates. From rich and malty ales to crisp and refreshing lagers, our carefully curated beer offerings promise a memorable and refreshing experience for everyone.

    Donate suntan lotion from the backpack and distribute flyers of products

    A large vinyl display cover allows quick change!

    What is the shelf life of beer? Compared to many other alcoholic beverages, beer tends to have a shorter shelf life. Most often, beer is considered to have a shelf life of six to twelve months. What needs to be considered when giving backpack alcoholic beverages as gifts? On the one hand, you should be sure about the acceptance by your target group. In addition, you must observe the law and not give away your promotional beer to young people under the age of 16. Can the beer be tasted? If you are unsure about the beer or the finishing, you can of course order a sample from us. Let us convince you of promotional beer.

    Each team member has an insulated backpack containing an 11L allowing him to move around while offering the public a cold or hot drink, carbonated or not.

    Innovative beer brands and excellent products are the foundation. Professional presentation, inspiring promotion and expert advice are the mainstays of retail performance. We support you in all measures at the point of sale (POS) and create an unforgettable shopping experience that turns prospects into customers and customers into true fans. Increase your retail sales figures in the long term.
    • The Beer Backpack is a mobile system designed only for the distribution of cold or hot beer. 
    • Equipped with stainless steel tanks, you can dispense beer any time.
    Sales promotion - convince customers with us at the right time. Customers and consumers like to be inspired to make a purchase. With beer sales promotion, you gain the interest of your target group at the POS in a targeted manner and hit them directly in the head and heart. Turn prospects into enthusiastic customers with us as your expert team and partner with years of experience. We offer you a comprehensive network of professional Rocketpacks promoters and access to extensive resources, which are used exactly when potential customers are most receptive.
    • The Beer Backpack a mobile system developed for the distribution of soft drinks.
    • It combines lightness and a high-quality design.
    What are the advantages of sales promotion? Compared to classic advertising measures, sales promotion has the advantage that consumers are addressed directly at the POS and can experience targeted promotions, beer products or services. This creates a positive brand experience that provides a lasting incentive to buy. Personal contact in particular creates a positive first impression and thus arouses natural interest. Sales promotion combines the real experience with the most important information, which promoters convey in an exciting way. In this way, even Rocketpacks articles that require explanation are presented in a comprehensible way, so that sales increase significantly.
    • The Rocketpacks have been specially designed for standard cans and bottles.
    • Fill the insulated compartments with refrigerated cans or bottles, and you will be ready for sale. 
    Strategic and target-oriented sales promotion. Together with you, we create a comprehensive rollout plan based on your goals, in which we also take into account the demands of your target group and coordinate suitable promotional backpacks. In addition, we will provide you with professional promoters who will be comprehensively trained by us prior to their deployment. With this strategic planning in the context of sales promotion, you create a target group-oriented shopping experience at the POS, where emotions combined with product facts and the most important successfully place your brand. In the end, a measurable result emerges, as all steps mesh like cogs.

    Backpack Beer Dispensing for street vending

    • It has two individually adjustable compartments allow access to two different products simultaneously thanks to the lateral openings.
    • Its thermal insulation is perfect for keeping drinks at all temperatures.
    • Also, it offers a large advertising surface.

    Beer Backpack Video

    Beer Backpack version the tank is suitable for self filling. Alternatively via the manual opening at the top or via the valves on the top of the tank.
  • Its adjustable straps are designed for maximum comfort and fit everyone.
  • Its advertising surface of 60 x 60 cm is ideal for drawing attention to your products.
  • Tanks are integrated into two sealed enclosures, which guarantee excellent insulation and minimum temperature loss.
  • Rocketpacks Beer backpack offers a range of "turnkey" services adapted to your structure's needs and can mobilize as many team members as necessary.

    Ideal for hot or cold carbonated and noncarbonated beverage, Rocketpacks is the only mobile beer dispenser that can serve two different kinds of beer simultaneously.

    This is what a successful sales promotion looks like. The aim was to strengthen the positive image and surprise customers with innovative solutions such as a live consultation webinars. The Rocketpacks management platform, which has been proven to make sales promotions at the POS more efficient, was used at all levels. With the help of the tool, actions at the POS become transparent in real time. Ensure a powerful performance with your target group and sustainably secure a positive sales development with our sales promotion.

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    •  Indeed, your advertisement will be visible on all three sides of the bag.
    •  The Rocketpacks beer dispensing equipment also offers choice support for your communication or that of your advertisers.
    • The Beer bag, specially designed for plastic bottles and cans, the Soft Bag (cans and bottles) guarantees a quick and easy implementation.
    • In Germany is called Bier Rucksack
    • With the clever carrying system you can save yourself a lot of effort and time. 
    tarpaulin water-repellent
  • The material of this backpack is made of insulating and washable truck tarpaulin material! 
  • This is not the conventional nylon backpack material!
  • Discover the variety of Bauchladen: Click here for practical and stylish solutions!